Holiday in Dystopia

by Lion Splicer




"Holiday in Dystopia", the debut full length from New York rockers Lion Splicer, is a multi-textured heavy metal record that was entirely self-financed and produced by the band and engineer Nathan Long. Barely old enough to drink, the two brothers have created a 30-minute album of heavy music that incorporates many genres of hard rock, metal, prog rock, and jazz.


released 24 September 2012

Danny Splice - Drumset, piano, percussion
Max Splice - Vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, percussion

Produced and engineered by Nathan Long and Max Splice at Little Mouse With A Big Cock studios in New York, NY.

Additional personnel:
Nathan Long - guitar solos on "The Whip", "Holiday in Dystopia", and "Watchtower"
Andres Abenante - guitar solo on "Utopia in Regalia"

The Splicer Singers Chorus featured on the record is comprised of Matthew Infante, Nathan Long, Saman Rouhani, Sei Smith, Danny Splice, Max Splice, and Evan Weiss.

Cover artwork and Lion Splicer logo design by Andrei Bouzikov.



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Lion Splicer New York, New York

Lion Splicer is two ugly and hairy young brothers from New York, slashing and burning in the vein of their heroes Zeppelin, Zappa, the Foos, the Waste, and the Dan. They have seen "Beyond the Lighted Stage" far too many times.
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Track Name: Jezebel
Well the young man’s got nothing left these days
New breed on the scene dressed to kill and lookin lean
Silver dagger heresy, incarcerated city
Lock me up I’m really fucked I just wanna tear shit up

Power from the stone
A temple overthrown
Reign in prison

Blood and bone
Heathen son
Forsake the lord
Burn for stone

[Solo: Max]

Well this dystopia is my myopia
Defenestrate the heretic, take dead aim at Jezebel
The writing on my brain I can’t get to misbehave enough
A band apart a tongue of lark don’t you even fucking start

Power from the stone
A temple overthrown
Reign in prison
Track Name: The Whip
I post and I fiend, on the block
Cruise to avoid all the cops
Hotwire your car, for the thrill
Dagger in through windowsill

Break into your shit
It becomes our whip!
We’ll use it to get chicks

Your paranoid ploy
Is starting to annoy
You’re nothing but a toy!

Get in the Whip
Get in the Whip
Get the fuck in the Whip
Get the fuck in our Whip

We took it from you, cause you’re prone
You only obey your cell phone
Now we’ve got a real sick ride
Two lane blacktop we hit our stride
Track Name: Holiday in Dystopia
I rot in a cell
Follow a clock, table, and bell
A guard provides pills
To the point of overkill

In an Ivory Tower
I’m just a subject of a power
Gizmo renders a slave to grind
Blood feast on the mainline

Rat race killer
Trouble filler

Holiday in dystopia
Trap em in a maze
You’re on the wrong side of an unequal gaze

Holiday in dystopia
The crazies all abuse
They won’t get me man, I’m gonna cut em loose

[Solo: Nathan]

A psychosocial mistake
With a lacerated tongue like a snake
Ain’t got a pot to piss in
But I got my own statistician

Carcass culture
Talk jive torture

[Solo: Nathan]

Rat race killer
Trouble filler

Teach me how to lie
Teach me how to die
Freak out homicide
My cell is worldwide

[Solo: Max]
Track Name: Little Conquerors

Solo: Max Splice
Track Name: Forgotten City

Solos: Max
Track Name: Watchtower
Flow through
Come to
Creeps in

I am the master of this mire
Seated atop a ghastly spire
No sprites or demons in this kingdom
Fear the eye of the enforcer

One more
Time bend
Fight on
Die Spawn

Facing the high courts, you have no power here
As I annihilate the weak and sick
Identify codify carceral scum
What you will soon become

Watch your back
Watch your back
Watch your back


[Solo: Nathan]
Track Name: Utopia in Regalia

Solo 1: Max Splice
Solo 2: Andres Abenante
Track Name: Panopticon Stomp
There’s a place for you in heart of downtown
Where you will be cut down
Locked deep in the ground

Circular walls for an old poor law
See the victims in awe
Of what they’ve become

Stomp the Panopticon
Bring it to the Ground
Stomp the Panopticon
Bring the motherfucker down

Lock em all up in a Gordian knot
Guarded by a robot
Surveilling juggernaut

This power’s obscene don’t go out on the streets
If you’re black or you’re white
Under cover of night

Seize what they took from you
Rampage ensues
Tell them that you won’t comply
Never let a sleeping dog lie